Our Resident Artist

Abby Sleep

Everything Together is an original body of work that represents a variety of pieces from previous and current collections. A family of florals, Victorian landscapes, and comfortable gum leaves all encapsulate the joy and curiosity I hold within my country upbringing. They tell a story of the mundane and reflect a homely lifestyle that is filled with simple beauties and Australian domestic culture. Vintage vases and tea breaks are a painted vision I wish to achieve in my future home.

Simple paint strokes and flowing contrast creates movement throughout each scene. The soft colour palette and spacious compositions create an easeful feeling and quietness; something to relax a home. Many of the pieces feature Australian banksia, protea, and bottle brush, some of the homegrown flowers that flourish in Mum and Nan’s Gardens. These blossom buds will always be sentimental and remind me of family ties.

Abby Sleep is a 25-year-old acrylic artist who was raised in the country town of Warracknabeal, now residing in the city of Geelong. Abby is an intuitive painter who is fascinated by colour and movement throughout each of her artworks. Her paintings are inspired by Australian wildflowers and vibrant colours that are found in the everyday. Abby currently prefers to practice still life of ceramics and botanica on wooden boards, whilst switching between her love for Victorian landscapes, and colourful gum-leaf abstracts. From a young age painting has been a safe location for Abby to reconcile with her thoughts and memories.

Instagram: @abbylee_artist

Website: www.abbyleeartist.com

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